Crypto Management For Everyone

SwissBorg is building products that are easy-to-use, fast, stable and offer institutional-grade security. The world of finance is a members-only club we want to open it to the public with the help of the latest technologies.

Community App

A fun, easy to use game that lets you predict the price of Bitcoin, and earn it, without taking any risks. Available on iOS & Android.
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Wealth App

Our crypto wealth management platform will offer diversified and automatically re-balanced portfolios in just a few clicks. Even the busiest or least tech-savvy users will be able to access quality investment products at the best market rates.

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SwissBorg SB5 Index
SB5 Index versus Bitcoin

SwissBorg Indexes

Starting with the SB5, the top 5 crypto assets by market cap to the SB20 and SB30 we will offer a range of indexes and products allowing people to choose investment solutions based on their personal investment preferences.
Ultimately, all users will have access to fully customised portfolios with hybrid solutions combining utility and security tokens fully based on risk appetite and preferences.

The Financial Engine

The financial engine is comprised of two interconnected parts, a liquidity aggregator and an OEMS (Order & Execution Management system). These components are built with institutional grade, state-of-the art technologies so that executions can happen in fractions of a second, in order to achieve best execution and the lowest rates in real time.

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