ICO Starts on December 7, 2017
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SB Cryptallion: Multi Strategy Token Hedge Fund

  • 5.000.000 CSB
  • 10.000.000 CSB
  • 15.000.000 CSB
  • 25.000.000 CSB
  • 35.000.000 CSB
  • The Cryptallion closed-end Token Fund’s objective is to achieve strong positive absolute returns in cryptocurrencies, while maintaining a lower level of volatility and risk through the use of diversified strategies. The token Fund will employ a multi-strategy approach.
  • Disclaimer:
    All investments involve risk. There can be no guarantee that the strategies employed by the token fund will be successful or achieve the targeted results.

Key Characteristics

  • Closed-end Fund. The Cryptallion Token Hedge Fund will be distributed exclusively during our TGE. After that period, the strategy would only be accessible on an exchange trading basis.
  • Quarterly Revenue - Investors will receive a quarterly return while maintaining full transparency of the fund results.
  • Diverse source of alpha:
    • Investments in ICO's with high potential and strong due diligence process
    • Systematic Investment Strategies such as Advanced Trend Following and Mean reverting strategies
    • Exchange Arbitrage Opportunities
    • Credit Cryptocurrency
    • Opportunistic Event-Driven Trades (Exploiting specific market inefficiencies in certain circumstances, such as Forks)
    • Strategic Market Directional Trading
  • Audit Hybrid Process (IFPS Technology) - this solution offers both the flexibility required to execute alternative investment strategies and a solid level of transparency for investors.

The management team has together over 80 years of combined experience in hedge funds and covering multiple time zones due to being based in Lausanne, Tokyo and Toronto.


  • Distributed to CSB Holders 50%
  • Reinvested in the fund 40%
  • SwissBorg DAO 10%
  • Strategic directional 50%
  • Crypto lending 10%
  • Arbitrage opportunities 10%
  • Trend following, Mean Reversion 10%
  • Event Driven 10%
  • ICO fundamentals 10%

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