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CHSB Performance Metrics

Statistics on SwissBorg’s multi-utility token including trading volume and the amount staked and pending for Protect & Burn.

SwissBorg Token (CHSB)



+9.7% (Last 24h)

Circulating Supply


CHSB Staked


Circulating Supply Burned


% CHSB Staked


Transactions’ volume on the Wealth App over the last 7 days. The value is given in Dollar at the rates of the transaction time.

Wealth App's Weekly Volume

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$ 8.1734 M

Amount of fees that were avoided by premium users.

Fees Saved

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$ 1'449'903.3

SwissBorg Token Holders can stake their CHSB to earn 0% commission* on Bitcoin and CHSB

Premium Users

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last 7 days)


Staking the SwissBorg token grants premium membership and access to  0% commission on Bitcoin and CHSB transactions.

CHSB Staked

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20% of the revenues generated from transaction fees will be used to buy back SwissBorg tokens on the secondary market and burn them. Hence, the circulating supply of the SwissBorg tokens will decrease with time while the liquidity increases.


The amount of funds to be allocated to Protect and Burn that has not been spent yet.

$ 10'151.3

List of Transactions (Burn)

Showing 5 most recent transactions

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