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The SwissBorg Blog


| December 18, 2020

CHSB’s New Utility: Yield Boosting!

With the coming launch of our yield account, we're excited to announce CHSB's newest utility - yield boosting! Double your yield with CHSB.


| December 14, 2020

SwissBorg launches Smart Yield account on USDC!

We are thrilled to announce the long-awaited launch of the SwissBorg Smart Yield account - a smart, simple and secure way to earn passive income on your USDC!


| December 11, 2020

Account statements coming to the SwissBorg app

Account statements are coming to the SwissBorg app! Find out more.


| December 4, 2020

Introducing SwissBorg’s Community Index

Discover the new SwissBorg Community Index, and how we are using it to calculate a sustainable yield for our token, the CHSB.


| October 8, 2020

Powerful Portfolio Analytics - Free in the Wealth App!

Analyse your crypto portfolio with free reporting in the SwissBorg Wealth App! Features include: asset allocation, profit/loss, fees and more.


| September 28, 2020

Multi-Fiat Account for Our Multicultural Community

We have added a multi-fiat account feature to our Wealth App to make investing in cryptos even easier!


| September 24, 2020

6 months in: How the SwissBorg app has grown!

6 months since we launched our app, and we now have 46k users who have made 141k exchanges! See more of the latest SwissBorg statistics here.


| July 2, 2020

Building Reputation and a Secure Crypto Investment Platform

Building a secure app for investing securely in Bitcoin & crypto isn't easy. It requires hard work and a good reputation.


| May 15, 2020

Why do we care about our product?

At SwissBorg we are making something extraordinary because it matters to us, to our community and to the world.


| May 12, 2020

Protect & Burn: How does it work?

With Protect & Burn, we reward long-term CHSB holders by placing orders to buyback and burn only when the price of the token is going down