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The SwissBorg Blog


| February 10, 2021

Rebranding the Community App to Crypto Challenge

The Community App is being rebranded! Stay tuned for the new website and new app.


| February 3, 2021

Earn a yield on CHSB, the heart of the SwissBorg ecosystem!

We have launched our Smart Yield wallet for CHSB, which links the yield on the SwissBorg token to the growth of the SwissBorg ecosystem.


| December 18, 2020

CHSB’s New Utility: Yield Boosting!

With the coming launch of our yield account, we're excited to announce CHSB's newest utility - yield boosting! Double your yield with CHSB.


| December 14, 2020

SwissBorg launches Smart Yield account on USDC!

We are thrilled to announce the long-awaited launch of the SwissBorg Smart Yield account - a smart, simple and secure way to earn passive income on your USDC!


| December 11, 2020

Account statements coming to the SwissBorg app

Account statements are coming to the SwissBorg app! Find out more.


| December 4, 2020

Introducing SwissBorg’s Community Index

Discover the new SwissBorg Community Index, and how we are using it to calculate a sustainable yield for our token, the CHSB.


| December 2, 2020

Crunching the data from 9 protect and burns: Do they work?

SwissBorg has conducted 9 protect and burns for our token, CHSB. Find out how they influenced the price of CHSB, as well as the level of tokens burnt.


| October 8, 2020

Powerful Portfolio Analytics - Free in the Wealth App!

Analyse your crypto portfolio with free reporting in the SwissBorg Wealth App! Features include: asset allocation, profit/loss, fees and more.


| September 28, 2020

Multi-Fiat Account for Our Multicultural Community

We have added a multi-fiat account feature to our Wealth App to make investing in cryptos even easier!


| September 24, 2020

6 months in: How the SwissBorg app has grown!

6 months since we launched our app, and we now have 46k users who have made 141k exchanges! See more of the latest SwissBorg statistics here.